Friday, September 26, 2014

Time for a break :)

Kenny was finally feeling pretty good today.
I was finally feeling pretty good today!
But we had to go drop 100+ on a dang car tag #sadface
Since we were headed into town, I decided to run into the gas station to pick up my box of Spark that I had won (review later... I actually don't know much about it yet!)
I never realized just how "quick" a quick trip out used to be!!!

Got Kenny in the car seat
Got to car tag place..
Removed Kenny from car seat.. Now he's mad.
Pay tag, takes less than three minutes..
He's even more upset because he wasn't out of his seat long enough to do anything...
Fight with him for four minutes to get back in the seat.
Drive across the street to the gas station.
Get Kenny out of the car seat...
Get inside and decide I should buy him an ice cream and take him to the park..
Pick out the only kid friendly ice cream (orange sherbet push pop... Duh!) and get my box of Spark.
Pay, with help from Kenny throwing my wallet..
Get out to car...
Fight him back into car seat.
I'm ready for a nap.
Drive the five minutes to the park only to find that noon on a Friday brings out every SAHM in my town.
Don't care. My baby and I have a date :)
Get Kenny into the swing (super easy... Loves to swing!) and open the ice cream.
Realize since this wasn't a planned stop, I don't have a rag with me.
Wipes it is.
What a fun trip!!!
We moved to a bench so he could hold it himself..
I can't describe what a wonderful time we had in just 15 minutes or so :)

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