Sunday, September 21, 2014

NFL. Sigh.

Ok. Are you ready for my opinion?
Get out then. Because here it is:
In Texas you pick your own switch to get your butt whooped. It's called old school.
No. I haven't seen the photos. You know why? I have better things to look at.
That's not domestic violence.
Punching your girlfriend who then CHOSE to be your wife?
Also not domestic violence.
She's dumb.
She could have just not married him.

I digress.
My point:
Let's say there's a thousand men affiliated with the nfl. Let's just say.
If you took a random group of a thousand guys.. Don't you think that a handful are probably slapping around their kids or wife?
Why is everyone shocked?

I don't care what the nfl does. Really.
But why are we punishing everyone when one guy knocked out his girlfriend.
It clearly didn't bother her.

Rant over.

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