Monday, September 29, 2014

I have never been in more pain.

So... You've probably read my breastfeeding brag post. I'm very very happy that we've made it nine months with no problems. Talk about blessed!
I look back on the last nine months with a smile in my heart...
And a massive ache in my boob.
Oh my word.
I think I'm dying.
We woke up on Saturday morning with what I call a "sour" feeling on my right breast. Yeast infection. I knew it before I even rolled out of bed. Then Kenny rolled over and latched on... THAT confirmed it! Whew! What pain!!!
Being the weekend, I just sucked it up.
So much pain. But life goes on.
I called the dr Monday morning and called in my pill.
Then came the lump.
Oh man.
Small at first... Size of a grape maybe.
I rubbed on it to get it to break up... Thought it did.
I guess it just moved.
Because I've got a lump the size of a tennis ball in my shirt.
I never knew boobs could hurt like this.
I have done everything to get this thing to move.
Feeding like crazy.
Scalding hot water for as long as I can stand.
Hearing pad.
Nothing is working.
So I just cry when Kenny eats.
Any advice?

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