Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Humble Pumpkin DIY #3

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Another Pumpkin post!!!!
(It's the last.. I think ;)  )
If you've followed our Humble Pumpkin's journey so far, you would know that we Carved an F.. and made sweet seeds :)
Today it's BABY FOOD!!!!
Because my son WILL love pumpkin as much as me... WILL.
lol Just kidding. Sort of.

Most of you know this little man is my whole world :)
I try to make his baby food whenever I can. Sometimes it works out and he loves it.. Sometimes, not so much.
This time?
Kid's been eating pumpkin/apple/banana/sweet potato all morning.
Here's how it started.
Remember those leftover cut-outs from our F?
I peeled them and chopped them up. These little leftovers made a TON of puree. Probably about four cups worth!!
(This can be plopped into freezer bags in 1-cup portions to be used as your pumpkin pie mix!!) Stop buying that canned stuff!!!
I put enough water in the pot to cover them up and tossed about 2 tbs pumpkin pie spice in there.
I boiled them down until soft.
Then Mr. Grumpy Gills decided it was bed time.
So I put these in a baggie and tossed them in the fridge overnight.
Got up (late mind you... yay for sleeping "in"!!!) and decided to cut up  sweet potato...

Then two apples..
Threw those babies into a pot and covered with water and another 2 tbp pumpkin pie spice.

Once boiled down and soft, I let them cool slightly and drained them.. (I kept the liquid, but didn't end up needing it.)
I tossed them in the food processor.

Gave it a whirl then added two bananas.
If you don't have a baby food bag device.. Go get one Here. They are worth it!!!
This little bit of pumpkin scrap made so much food!!

Nine squeeze pouches!! I couldn't believe it!
I kept one out and added the rest to my dwindling freezer stash.. (Those are blueberry/apple :) )

It's always a treat to get to make Kenny homemade food. I know exactly what's in it and where it came from.
He ate so much of this today.. I'm just sure we're going to have a belly ache later!!!

Please skip the pie spice if you have not given your little one cinnamon.

That's my pumpkin weekend!
I hope you learned something :)
Be on the look out for more Holiday DIY's!

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