Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pinterest Win!!! Halloween Bark!!

I tend to have good luck when it comes to my Pinterest trials.. This is no different!!
I decided to make some Halloween Bark for an upcoming party I'm attending.
It was too easy.
I gathered
Half a package of Halloween Oreo's
One bag Candy Corn
One bag Pretzels (did NOT need such a large bag... I used maybe two cups..)
One bag of white Wilton's Candy Melts
One bag orange Wilton's Candy Melts
(not pictured: coconut oil)
(You can get the melts here)
I lined a cookie sheet with a baking mat (find it here)
I started a double boiler.
And got my Melts A Meltin..

Cut up my Oreo's.. In to quarters.. After a bit I started just chopping them pretty chunky.

I threw them all willy-nilly like onto the mat..
Then I did the same with the pretzels and tossed some candy corn on top.

While that chilled..
I added about a tablespoon of coconut oil to my chocolate.

I realized this STILL wasn't going to be pourable..
So I emptied my pretty mess into a bowl.. and poured my chocolate on top.

While I mixed, I tossed my orange melts into the same bowl.. the colors would mix, but that's just fine.

Added a tad oil as well.
Then I moved on to the mixture.
I combined fully and pressed it back onto the sheet..

Topped it with some leftover Oreo's and Candy Corn.. Then poured the orange on top.

I spread it with a spoon and topped with Candy Corn for good measure.
I placed it in my laundry room to dry for several hours.
This is what you get folks!!

Next time I will add even more pretzels. There's just something about that salty mixed with the chocolate.. You can't beat it!!

Go on and tackle this!! So easy ;)


  1. This looks so good, i wish i wasnt on a diet or i would totally make it because i am a real sucker for oreos! And youre so right, there is something so good about a sweet and salty mix. Great post!

  2. We make Halloween bark every year, My kids are addicted to it!

  3. it looks fab! I love all the colours

  4. This looks like it was fun to make.

  5. This looks like all the goodness in the world in stuffed into some Halloween bark!! I love this and will have to make it for my little boys. They will love it.